Pre-trial conference:a hearing in which the parties meet and advise the Court if the case can be resolved by agreement, or a trial date is needed.

Bench trial: a hearing in which the parties present their side of a case by way of evidence, witnesses, and testimony to the Judge.

Jury trial: a hearing in which the parties present their side of a case by way of evidence, witnesses, and testimony to a jury.

2nd setting: a back-up setting. This occurs when a jury trial is set and another case is set at the same time. The second case would be a second setting. The same would apply for a 3rd setting, 4th setting, etc.

Plea Agreement: an agreement between the State and the Defendant in which the Defendant pleads guilty in exchange for a sentence pre-determined by the parties.

Admit/Deny hearing: a hearing where the Defendant admits a violation or enters a denial to a violation. This applies in criminal and infraction cases.

Infraction: a ticket. i.e. speeding, no seatbelt, failure to yield, conservation violation, etc.

Criminal case: a case involving the State of Indiana versus a Defendant when a person is accused of committing a crime.

Civil case: a case involving private parties versus each other. These cases involve usually monetary settlements, or a divorce.

Contempt: failure to comply with an order of the Court. This may be punishable by incarceration, both in criminal and civil cases.

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