Dear Patrons,

For your information, starting July 1, 2006, any document that is executed or acknowledged (i.e. notarized) in the State of Indiana, and that by law must have a Prepared By statement, including a person’s name, must contain the following statement after the point of Prepared By at the conclusion of the document and can be on an additional page if necessary:

“I affirm, under the penalties for perjury, that I have taken reasonable care to redact each Social Security number in this document, unless required by law (name).”

The exceptions to this requirement are Federal Tax Lien documents, Judgments, Orders, and Writs of the Court, Wills, Death Certificates, UCC documents, and instruments executed before July 1, 1959.

This means that all Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments and Releases, Miscellaneous, and Oversized documents that are executed or acknowledged in Indiana, unless specifically exempted, MUST have the Affirmation statement on them, in addition to the Prepared By statement and name.

The name in the Affirmation statement can be typed, hand printed, or signed, and does not have to be the same person whose name appears in the Prepared By statement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jennifer McBride
LaGrange County Recorder